Roughrider Judo Club in Dickinson, ND, began teaching November of 2003. One of our first students traveled 80 miles one-way every week for class. That spirit of dedication, desire to learn, and the vast expanse of windswept prairies in Western North Dakota suggested our club name in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, himself a practicioner of Judo, whose legendary Dakota badlands ranch is nearby. Roughrider Judo teaches a hybrid mix of judo, closely following the Classical Judo of Jigoro Kano's Kodokan in technique, but also following Zen Judo's restructured syllabus after Kenshiro Abe. We strive to introduce our students to all aspects of credible martial arts thru seminars and clinics. While competitive options are limited by distance, students wishing to compete are welcome and encouraged as well. For inquiries on the cost of joining Roughrider Judo, visit our Discussion Forum or click on: Costs Images of President Roosevelt courtesy of The Smithsonian Institute: Smithsonian Gallery

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