Membership Dues

While Roughrider Judo Club is a member of Gentle Ways, Inc, and is a non-profit, we do charge a small fee in order to cover expenses and to create a fund to provide for clinicians and seminars from time to time. PAYMENT SCHEDULES  --All Payments are due the 1st class of the Month-- Regular membership
  • Monthly--------------------$ 25.00
  • Quarterly------------------$ 70.00--------$ 5.00 discount
  • Bi-annually----------------$135.00-------$15.00 discount
  • Annually-------------------$255.00-------$45.00 discount
Half-class (for juniors at adult class, or shift-work issues) membership
  • Monthly--------------------$ 15.00
  • Quarterly------------------$ 40.00--------$ 5.00 discount
  • Bi-annually----------------$ 85.00--------$15.00 discount
  • Annually-------------------$135.00-------$45.00 discount
Family Discount: A third (or more) family member receives this (first 2 on regular rates). All family members must be on same payment schedule.
  • Monthly--------------------$ 5.00
  • Quarterly------------------$15.00
  • Bi-annually----------------$30.00
  • Annually-------------------$60.00
Quarterly (3 months), Bi-annual, or Annual payments can start at the 1st class of any month. Gentle Ways Judo is a non-profit organization. Instructors are not paid. All fees cover expenses and enriched learning opportunities for students. Therefore, there are No Refunds. Late Fees on accounts over one month delinquent are $5.00/month. Additional Costs The Uniform, or Gi is not required wear to start judo. However, it is best to purchase one if you intend to remain in judo any length of time, as normal clothes will tear readily. Depending upon size, expect to pay between $30.00 to $50.00 for a typical judo Gi. Roughrider Judo can provide you with a gi, or you may acquire your own, but please, make certain it is a sturdy judo gi and not a karate or tae kwon do gi (they are much more lightweight and will tear rapidly). Local Promotion fees are kept as small as possible, usually $5.00. Registering your rank with the USJA is highly recommended, and information on that may be found under their link on the links page, or an inquiry made with the sensei. This also involves becoming an Annual or Life member of the USJA, for which fees typically start at $45.00 per year.