Ronin – Past Members

A Ronin was a "masterless" samurai, owing no allegiance to a fuedal lord, or Daimyo. As such, they were free to travel from place to place and sell their services to whomever they chose. They also had to scrounge for food, and many ended up as bandits. As Roughrider Judo grows, it has touched the lives of many people. To give everyone a sense of thier place in the organization, I have created this list of past students, when they started, and what rank they achieved. Recording when they left is problematic, as many people "phase out" of judo, so that is left to memory, sluething, and nostalgic discussions over beverage to work out. To appear below, the Student had to attend at least two months of class.

Name                                                    Date started       Rank

Jason Olander                                  12/2003                White

Bryan Steckler                                  02/2004                White

Phil Weiser                                         03/2004                Yellow

Bill Megia                                             03/2004                Orange

Jessie Raasch                                     03/2004                Yellow (Jr.)

Jeff Womack                                      10/2004                White

Dokia Haich                                         10/2004                Orange

Dierdre Haich                                     10/2004                Orange

Theresa Little                                     10/2004                Yellow

Veronica Little                                   10/2004                Yellow

Jason Green                                       11/2004                White

Jay Johnson                                        04/2005                White

Randy Raasch                                    11/2003                Orange

Bobby Metz                                       05/2005                White

Bryan Meduna                                 05/2005                White

Channing Schmidt                            04/2006                White

Paul Steinbeisser                             10/2005                Yellow

Travis Conroy                                     10/2006                White

James Frojen                                     07/2004                Orange

Sage Cummisk                                   ??/2006                Yellow

Tom Tormaschy                                07/2006                Yellow

Allie DeWitt                                        10/2005                Yellow

Lynelle Berger                                   06/2006                White

Joel Walters                                       06/2005                Yellow

Jay Jahner                                           09/2005                Yellow

Tom Jahner                                        03/2006                Jr Yellow

Kyle Koehler                                      9/2007                 White

“pineapple” David Garig                9/2004                 Orange

Borislav Benelov                               02/2008                White

Leah Walters                                      06/2005                Orange

Dan Walters                                       06/2005                Orange

David Hegsted                                   07/2004                Green

Seth Walters                                      06/2005                Green

Andrew Berry                                    09/2007                Yellow

Troy Nies                                             11/2004                Orange

Jeremiah Frenzel                             06/2008                White

Trey Weyer                                        09/2008                White

Mina Sumedi                                     09/2008                White

Mitch Hutzenbeler                          09/2007                Yellow

Dakota Trumbull                               09/2007                Yellow

Ophir Topf                                          09/2008                Orange

Josh Hecker                                        08/2008                Orange

Josh Ficek                                           11/2003                Green

Kate Emond*                                     06/2009                Jr Yellow

Courtney Haugen*                          06/2009                Jr Orange

Indi Alonso*                                       06/2009                Jr Yellow

Brandon Jorgenson                         09/2009                Yellow

Cody Weflen                                      09/2009                Yellow

Anton Dementiev                            07/2009                Orange

Mike Anderson                                08/2009                Yellow

Jory Shypkowski                               06/2004                Nikyu

Jesse Shypkowski                            09/2009                Gokyu

Dillon Leblanc                                    02/2010                Jr Rokyu

Larissa Groslyuk                                01/2011                Jr Rokyu

Nigel Sims                                           12/2010                Rokyu

Ulsbold “BOLD” Enkhbold             1/2011                 Rokyu

Zach Obrigewitsch                           7/2009                  Jr Orange

Sarah Ramsey                                    7/2009                  Jr Orange

Steven Hoerner                                12/2010                Gokyu

Jose Serano                                        02/2010                White

James Angerer                                  1/2011                  Yellow

Dakota Ihli                                           6/2012                  Gokyu

Mike Mauer                                       10/2011                Yellow

Paul Knopik                                        1/2012                  Gokyu

Daniel Kuehler                                  1/2012                  White

Bryan Otremba                                 9/2011                  Rokyu

Bryan Murray                                    10/2011                Rokyu

Lonny McKeowen                           5/2012                  Rokyu

Chris Spicer                                         3/2012                  White

Oscar Franco                                      3/2012                  White

David Franco                                      4/2012                  White

Jeraco Wilcoxen                               8/2012                  Rokyu

“Sensei Billy” Gilbert                       6/2012                  Shodan

AJ Bowman                                         8/2013                  Rokkyu

Nick Guerrero                                  11/2004                 Sankyu

Tim Little                                           06/2004                Nikyu

Emily Pierce                                       11/2013                Rokkyu

Amanda Aldrich                               11/2013                 Rokkyu

Emery  Niyorugira                           10/2014                Shodan

Andrew Boley                                   4/2014                  White

Nestor Ruelas                                   2/2014                 White

 Lonny McKeowen                          1/2012                  Yellow Aaron Robertson                             11/2013                orange Jayden Hertz                                   6/2013                  Jf Green Lan Hertz                                         6/2013                 Orange Daniel Aguayo                              11/2013                   Yellow Presley Weiler *                             06/2007               Jr Green Shad Knopik                                  10/2011                  orange Lane Whistler*                             6/2014                   Jr Yellow Joe Harris                                      11/2015                   White Matthew Myers                             1/2013                  orange Brandon Blum                               1/2014                  orange Merrill Morrison                          3/2012                   Green