Kangeiko 2017

Kangeiko will be Feb 4th at the Red River dojo.  T-shirts are pre-order only, by Jan 16th.  Contact Dane Ankeny at address provided in body below.   8:15-9am Registration 9am-12pm Clinic 1st Session 12-1:15pm Lunch 1:30-4:30 Clinic 2nd Session 4:30-4:45 Bow out and closing ceremonies Evening gathering to follow at Gastropub starting at 6pm.  Dinner will be a buffet style similar to last year with several pizza and pasta options.  See the attached registration form and select from there. The T-shirts this year will feature the rooster below.  We will have pricing and preorder info coming soon as well.  We will hopefully have both regular cotton and dry fit t-shirt options available. Look for another email coming this week.  Please respond to my next email quickly to guarantee yourself a t-shirt as only a few extras beyond pre orders will be available.    Kangeiko 2017 Registration Form   Name please print________________________________________________________   Address_____________________________________________________________   _________________________________Phone_______________________   Email ______________________________________________________________   Emergency contact name & number_______________________________________   Dojo/Martial Art Style   (circle all that apply)      Rank Red River Judo                                                                       Rokkyu (yellow) MSUM Judo                                                                           Gokyu (orange) Gentle Ways Judo, Bismarck                                                  Yonkyu (green) St. Cloud Gentle Ways Judo                                                  Sanyu (1st brown/blue) Lake Minnewaska Gentle Ways Judo                                                Nikyu (2nd brown) Roughrider Judo Club                                                                        Ikkyu (3rd brown) Shodan (1st black) Other____________________________                               higher rank__________   Circle the Judo National Organization membership affiliation you have:   USJA              USJF              USA Judo         #_______________________________   I have read and signed the Waiver to attend this event:   __________________________________________________  2/04/2017 Signature   __________________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian if under 18   USJA New Membership is $50 Clinic Fee is $40.00 per participant.  New USJA Sign-ups get ½ off Clinic Fee ($20). Buffett meal is $14.00 per person. (kids 10 and younger $7.00) T-shirt pricing will be sent out in the next few days (watch for separate email). Shirts will ONLY be guaranteed to those who pre-register by January16th! A few extra t-shirts will be printed.  Please make Checks or money orders payable to:  GENTLE WAYS JUDO           Number of meal tickets (circle as applies, or write-in):   Adults $14.00                                     1          2          3          4          _____   Children 10 or younger $7.00             1          2          3          4          _____   Gastropub Buffet Menu:  5 Different Pizza’s, Spaghetti & meatballs, Baked ziti, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Fettuccine, Chicken Parm with Bruschetta, mixed greens, and bread sticks.   T-shirt Orders (circle as applies, or write-in):   Quantity:         1          2          3          4          ____   Shortsleeve Perfomance T      or        Shortsleeve cotton      ___________________   Size:    S          M         L          XL       2XL     3XL Shirts will ONLY be available to those pre-registered by January16th!       Pre-registration may be emailed to: dbankeny@charter.net Payment to be made at event.     ---------------------------------------office use------------------------------------------------- (circle all that apply) Payment received:       Cash                M.O.                Check #___________   Please make Checks or money orders payable to:  GENTLE WAYS JUDO