Teddy Bear Tournament

Thursday July 2nd was the annual Teddy Bear tournament for Juniors! Last night saw the Teddy Bear tournament and the end of the Intro to Judo for Juniors for 2015! Advanced Juniors orange belt and above (including new ones!) may continue Monday nights, 7:00-8:300 for July and August! Anyone 12 or older who earned a belt may also join the adult class, which goes year-round. A special thanks to our adult students who coached and cleaned up! Ben, Steven, Ryan, David, Presley, Jayden, and Lan. Also, Thanks to Bismarck Gentle Ways Judo for the extra competitors!

Extra training night

Ryan is organizing an extra night of training on Sundays, 7:00-8:30pm.  Open to orange belt and above only. This is subject to limitations in the space, and he'll only hang around so long at 7:00 if no one shows before going home!   Please respect the parameters we have set out for Ryan to ensure safe and continued practices.